Create your own word search game on any topic you like. Once submitted, your puzzle will be instantly playable online and easily printable, perfect for sharing with friends. Detailed instructions are available at the bottom of the page.

Add Words Per Line *
You need at least 5 words, but having 10 or more is best.
Adding a question will hide the words and/or clues from the grid while playing.
Add word and its clue eg.Countries and Capital
{{item.Word}} {{item.Clue}}

Record all games stat.

Only private word search games can record all games played. By default, records the top 20 best scores. Setting a word search as private will also record the play count, status of completion, and all scores. Register now to set this option.




  1. Choose a Title
    • Think of a fun title for your word search puzzle! It could be about the theme of your words or something catchy that makes people curious.
  2. Write a Description
    • Write a short description about your word search. Tell people what the puzzle is about or what makes it special. Keep it simple and exciting!
  3. Get Your Words Ready
    • Think of cool words! Choose at least 10 words that you like. They can be about anything you enjoy, like your favorite animals, foods, or hobbies.
  4. Add Your Words
    • Put your words into the box. If you're using the "Using Words" tab, type each word in the box, one at a time. Or, if you're using the "Using Word Clue Pair" tab, write down each word and a little clue about it.
  5. Make Your Puzzle Special
    • Change some things if you want! You can make the puzzle harder by turning off some directions for the words. Or, if you want it to be easier, you can use Easy Mode.
  6. Check Out Your Puzzle
    • Take a look at your puzzle! It's a sneak peek to see if everything looks good.
  7. Finish and Share
    • When you're happy, hit the "Submit" button! Your word search is ready to play online or print out. Share the fun with your friends by giving them the link!